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J+CG specialise in a diversity of sectors including residential developments, multi-storey apartments & commercial construction, public works sector for government and councils, fit-outs including retail & office.

J+CG is a forward thinking, dynamic well established family owned construction company; based Australia wide, delivering projects all around the country for over 20 years in both design and construction from concept to post completion.

What we do

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Our aim is simple: to leave our planet in a better place than we found it. That means every project – not just our flagship sustainability projects – always contributes to a greener future.

J+CG have had a major influence in a range of projects with a formal GreenStar and Nabers rating through the implementation of J+CG accredited policies and procedures.

J+CG encourage sound environmental practices on site and in office operations and we are committed to recycling more than 90% waste from our building sites.


Safety is our single biggest priority and we’re striving to ensure 100% injury free workplaces at all times.

Like our attention to detail, our safety procedures and commitment stand alone. Whether it being an office fitout or a multistorey block of units, J+CG commitment to safety is no different. Our procedures are with industry practice, more often copied by others. Our safety systems stand alone in their application, content, ease of use, and set the standard. With the arrival of JAS ANZ Accreditation our safety procedure and administration will ensure we are ahead of the rest.

Best About by JCG builders

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